Models from 2003

New and Improved (maybe)!

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    In 2003, I transitioned to a more serious side of origami creation. Most of these were created with specific ideas in mind and used much more advanced techniques. You can also find here my first forays into crease patterns.

OrigamiModel2003_8p1.jpg (29586 bytes)OrigamiModel2003_6p1.jpg (39764 bytes)OrigamiModel2003_6p5.jpg (21379 bytes)OrigamiModel2003_4p1.jpg (66629 bytes)OrigamiModel2003_1p4.jpg (9325 bytes)

[Dragon Horse]
[Periodic Table of Elements]
[Cetonischema Speciosa Jousselini]
[Armored Snail]
[Northern Shrimp]


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