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    The design process of origami is often quite interesting (sometimes more interesting than the final result), so on this page, you can see some sketches and test models which will hopefully lead to more models on this very site: My Flickr.

    If you want to know more about origami or to see the work of other artists, there are loads of other websites. Luckily, people have already done far better jobs of organizing those pages than I could ever do, so here are a few links which can lead you anywhere else in the origami world.

For a slew of book reviews, pictures, and an authoritative links section, go to Gilad Aharoni's Origami Page.

To see more links and many pictures, crease patterns, and diagrams from like sixty other fantastic creators, visit  Nicolas Terry's Website.

If you want to talk to other origamists, this forum is quite active, and I used to be an active member (DZIGGITAI).

Finally, just go here to see why I am really jealous: I can haz origami page?



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